1. The Flow podcast is back! 

    Featuring live selections by:
    The Syrinx Effect (Live at Nebraska Mondays)
    Darren Johnston's Elation Trio (Live at Nebraska Mondays)
    Nahum Zdybel Trio (Live at Nebraska Mondays)
    Jaroba and Kevin Corcoran (Live at In The Flow Festival)
    Rent Romus' Life's Blood Quartet (Live at In The Flow Festival)
    Dwight Trible Quintet (Live at In The Flow Festival)
    Halfmonk (Live at Nebraska Mondays)
    Fibers (Live at Nebraska Mondays)


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  2. This Summer at Nebraska Mondays:

    Monday, July 7 - Darrell Stanley Trio and Ice Age Quartet

    Monday, July 14 - Mike Ware Quartet and Victor Contreras' Double Indemnity

    Monday, July 21 - Byron Colborn Group and Next

    Monday, July 28 - Jon Bafus and Ross 
    Hammond Cassette Release show and Chris Hall Trio

    Monday, August 4 - Grex and Clifford Childers Trio

    Monday, August 11 - Rent Romus' Life's Blood 
    Quartet and 4th World

    Monday, August 18 - Sam Boshnick Quartet (Seattle) and Ghiadub Quartet

    Monday, August 25 - Alex Jenkins Trio (w/ Golia, Hammond) and Chad Stockdale

    All shows start at 7:30pm and are $10 sliding scale unless otherwise noted. All Ages!

    1414 16th St, Between N and O. 

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  3. What a great year we've had so far.  There have been some incredible nights of music, and the best part is there is more to come.  The Fall of 2013 is looking pretty sweet.

    9/2 - Vladimir Tarasov/Ross Hammond and Steve Adams w/ COMA (John Vaughn-sax and Dax Compise-drums)
    9/9 - A Tribute to John Tchcai featuring Tony Passarell, Kerry Kashiwagi and Keith Cary w/ Black Futon
    9/16 - Ross Hammond/Khalil Anthony Duo and Jaroba with Kevin Corcoran
    9/23 - Fly Paper w/ Quattor Elaphantis
    9/30 - John Hanes and Steve Adams w/ Doug Pauly and Alicyn Yaffee Duo

    10/7 - Catherine Sikora (solo) w/ Byron Colborn Trio and Jason Levis Trio (7pm start)
    10/14 - Instagon w/ The Afterlife
    10/21 - Slumgum w/ Alex Jenkins Trio
    10/28 - Ross Hammond, Steuart Liebig and Dax Compise w/ Chris Schlarb's Psychic Temple


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  4. There are so many great shows happening this summer at Nebraska Mondays that you should plan to be nowhere else but Luna's Cafe every Monday night.  Luna's can stand with any jazz venue in the country....

    5/6 - Chikading! w/ Ghiadub Trio
    5/13 - Electropoetic Coffee, Nagual, Rent Romus' Life Blood Trio and Bristle (In the Flow Festival)
    5/20 - Jeff Parker Trio (w/ Chris Lopes and Chad Taylor) and Steve Adams/Ross Hammond Duo
    5/27 - Closed for Memorial Day

    6/3 - Byron Colburn Trio w/ Electropoetic Coffee and Alex Jenkins
    6/10 - Steuart Liebig/Phillip Greenlief/Dax Compise w/ Blue Cranes (Portland)
    6/17 - Tony Passarell's Birthday Show w/ AMP Trio and RACE!!!
    6/24 - Jocelyn Medina Quartet (NYC) w/ Frio

    7/1 - Oliver Lake!!!
    7/8 - Wishbone (Seattle) w/ Furious Tone Quartet
    7/15 - Tri Cornered Tent Show and Rob Kennedy Trio
    7/22 - RC Trio w/ Ross Hammond and Sameer Gupta
    7/29 - Lords of Outland Sextet w/ Wrack

    8/5 - 4th Dimension w/ Chord 4
    8/12 - Dwight Trible and Ross Hammond w/ Fibers (Corcoran and Steed)
    8/19 - Dirtier
    8/26 - Anthony Coleman Appreciation Night

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  5. Nebraska Mondays Schedule for April:

    4/1: RC Trio, Ross Hammond/Vanessa Cruz Duo and The Use (Brooklyn) ****7pm Start****
    4/8: Alex Jenkins Trio w/ Black Futon
    4/15: Randy McKean's Horsey Ride (CD Release!) and Jaroba w/ Bob Bralove
    4/22: Dirtier (Greenlief, Hanes and Olguin) w/ Thin Air Trio (Passarell, Cary and Mahoney)
    4/29: Anthony Coleman Duo w/ Robert Kennedy, Ross Hammond and Tony Passarell Trio

    All shows start at 7:30pm unless otherwise noted.  

    @ Luna's Cafe
    1414 16th ST, between N and O
    $5-10 sliding scale, all ages.

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  6. Wow, we're in March already???  How did that happen?  Well, Spring is coming and that means the weather gets warmer and the music stays amazing on Monday nights.  Here's the March, 2013 lineup:

    3/4 - Emily Hay, Scott Collard and Brad Dutz Trio w/  Plots
    3/11 - Todd Clouser's A Love Electric w/ Foothill Jazz Collective
    3/18 - Sukha (Kashiwagi, Stark, Jenkins) w/ Lucio Menegon's Microdecibel
    3/25 - Frio w/ Byron Colburn Trio

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  7. Nebraska Mondays' lineup for 2013!!!

    Wow, how did 2012 go by so fast?  It was a good year for music and a good year for the series.  2013 promises to be no different:

    1/7 Jon Raskin/Vladamir Tarasov/Matthew Goodheart Trio w/ Raw Data (Passarell, Bafus, Elliott)
    1/14 Steven Krohn/Rich DiFazio and Jimmy Malone Trio w/ Bryan Kilfoil, Scott Collard and Jason Galbraith Trio
    1/21 Harley White and Ross Hammond playing the music of Bill Evans w/ Gene Smith Lives!
    1/28 Alex Jenkins (solo) w/ Lords of Outland and Thollem McDonnas

    2/4 Electropoetic Coffee w/ Bob Stanley
    2/11 GE Stinson and Steuart Liebig w/ Dylan Ryan's Sand (LA)
    2/18 Phillip Greenlief/Angelica Sanchez/Sam Ospovat w/ Fly By, Butterfly (Hammond and Bafus)
    2/25 Tim Stephenson Trio w/ Dave Lynch Group

    @ Luna's Cafe
    1414 16th St, Between N and O
    Every Monday Night at 7:30PM

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  8. Looking at these pictures it makes me stop and realize that the Nebraska Mondays series is more than a place to hear music each week.  It's also a canvas for musicians and sound artists to create their work.  It's a home for collaboration, improvisation, expression and artistic growth.  George's photos (shown here from 2010-2012) illustrate the lifelong dedication that the musicians give to their craft.  Thanks a ton to George Thomson for this great document of work.  

    Arlyn Anderson and Gerry Pineda

    Lucio Mengon, Valerie Kuehne and Suki O'Kane

    John Shiurba

    Henry Robinett


    Murray Campbell

    Phillip Greenlief, Jon Bafus and Christina Maradik-Symkowik

    Stephen Sullivan and Dan Panasenko

    Aram Shelton, John Hanes, Aaron Novik, Myles Boisen and Darren Johnston

    Stefano Zeroli

    Reconnaissance Fly


    Ross Hammond and Shawn Hale

    Anthony Coleman II


    Ross Hammond and Joe Berry

    Daryl Shawn

    Bad Luck

    Greg Willett Trio

    Gerry Pineda

    Crepescule Trio

    Phillip Greenlief and David Boyce


    Steve Adams, Vinny Golia and Ken Filiano


    Victor Contreras Alex Jenkins and Shawn Hale

    Shawn Hale, Dax Compise, Thollem McDonnas and Ross Hammond

    Joe Palermo

    NSAA, John Vaughn and Victor Contreras

    Cave Women

    Russell Brown and Annie Jay

    Lucio Menegon's microdecibel

    Steuart Liebig

    Ross Hammond

    Tatsuya Nakatani

    Wayne Sheats

    Tony Passarell and Alex Jenkins

    Ray Schaffer and Rent Romus (Lords of Outland)

    Ross Hammond and Vinny Golia

    Phillip Greenlief and Tom Hassett (The Lost Trio)

    Chris Ferreira

    Ross Hammond and Phillip Greenlief (Pumas)

    Keith Cary

    Larry Ochs and Scott Walton

    Ross Hammond, Shawn Hale, Randy McKean, Kevin Corcoran and Murray Campbell

    Vanessa Cruz

    Blue Cranes

    Chris Ferreira and Randy Stark

    Ross Hammond

    Nahum Zdybel, Keith Cary and Tony Passarell

    Tatsuya Nakatani

    Ross Hammond, Vanessa Cruz, Kerry Kashiwagi and Henry Robinett

    Jason Galbraith, Bill Douglass, Barry Eldridge and Ross Hammond

    Kellen Garcia and Victor Contreras

    Alex Jenkins

    Shawn Hale and Randy McKean

    Victor Contreras, Ron Ochoa and Scott Anderson (Nagual)

    Dax Compise, Randy McKean and Shawn Hale

    Fay Victor, Lisa Mezzacappa and John Finkbeiner

    Thin Air Mostly Strings Orchestra

    Randy Stark, Kerry Kashiwagi and Alex Jenkins (Sukkha)

    Scott Walton, Garth Powell, Michael Vlatkovich and Tom McNalley

    Jon Bafus and Ross Hammond


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  9. Nebraska Mondays' Schedule Update for the rest of 2012
    photo by tommy Van Wormer November: 11/5 Jim Ryan Trio w/ Joe Lasqo and Jaroba 11/12 Lisa Mezzacappa and Fay Victor w/ Little Bluebird (Hammond, Hale and Compise) 11/19 Nebraska Mondays' 3 Year Anniversary w/ Tony Passarell, Nagual and more 11/26 Sukha (Kashiwagi, Jenkins and Stark) w/ Foothill Jazz Collective
    photo by Tommy Van Wormer December: 12/3: Michael Vlatkovich Quintet w/ Pumas (Phillip Greenlief and Ross Hammond) 12/10: Greg Willett Trio w/ Reconnaissance Fly 12/17: End of the Year Show with a Spontaneous Night of Trios
    Photo by Louise Mitchell

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  10. Upcoming at Nebraska Mondays this Fall:
    August: 8/27 Open Sky (Shay Salhov, Michael Barsimanto and Jeff Denson) w/ Electropoetic Coffee
    September: 9/3 Larry Ochs and Donald Robinson w/ Sukha (Kashiwagi/Jenkins/Thurman) 9/10 Solo Guitar Night! (w/ Henry Robinett, Ross Hammond, Alicyn Yaffee and Kathy Barwick) 9/17 Alex Jenkins and Parteet Bansal Duo w/ Chemical Clock (Seattle) 9/24 Steve Adams/Ken Filiano (NYC) Duo and Vinny Golia/Ross Hammond/Scott Amendola Trio
    October: 10/1 Swimming in Bengal, Lucio Menegon (NYC) and Moondrool 10/8 Pregnant and Lords of Outland (SF) 10/15 Karl Evangelista and Greg Willett/Mike Bender Duo 10/22 Randy McKean, Kevin Corcoran and Wes Steed Trio w/ Bonnie Barnett (LA) 10/29 The Lost Trio and Ice Age Jazz Quintet
    Also, there's another batch of "Live at Nebraska Mondays, Volume 1" CDs that have been pressed. The music is all live recordings from the series, and features Phillip Greenlief, Vinny Golia, Neil Welch, V neck, Steuart Liebig, Tony Passarell and many more. The discs are free (or you can leave a donation) and are available each week at Luna's. The artwork was done by Lola Hammond. :-)

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